Benjamin A Henderson III (aka - Master Hendu)


Born and raised in Sycamore, IL

Family oriented, extremely close to mother, father and sister

36 years old, bright with a penchant for retaining (seemingly) useless info;
number sequences, dialogue from movies, codes and license plates

CDL Truck driver for 10 years, with Coca-Cola and FedEx Freight

Experience and knowledge in many different consoles and games;
at some point have owned almost every console ranging from Atari 2600 to PS3

Active in various sports including Taekwondo, baseball, football, golf
and basketball

Dec 2012 Graduate; BA in Video Game Art and Design Program
Westwood College of Technology and Design; Woodridge, Illinois
Career interests in MOCAP, Character Development, Level Design,
Environment Artist, Audio, Voice Talent, and Music for gaming;

Knowledge of various programs including:
3DS Max, Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Mudbox, UDK
Adobe After FX, Microsoft Office, Adobe Soundbooth

Plot writing and fight choreography for an independent action film
based on the Star Wars Universe using Adobe Premiere Pro

Participated in C-IV “Jedi Trials”, lightsaber skills competition for Star
Wars’ 30th anniversary in 2007, at Jim Henson’s Studios in Hollywood, CA

Won 2nd place in Taekwondo forms; Fowlerville, MI Invitational 2003

Experience in professional audio recording using live instruments and multi-track mixers
Musician for 20 years, self taught guitar and ability to learn by ear
Performed with many bands playing guitar, bass and vocals
Songwriting, lyrics and music; experience with Boss and Digitech pedals and processors


  • Musically inclined
  • martial arts and sports proficiency
  • avid and devoted video game player