1st Video – I only had one chance to get right before the submission deadline, so I took it slow and easy! Got selected to participate in the Jedi Trials in Hollywood, CA at Jim Henson studios, and was judged by Jeremy Bullock, aka Boba Fett! It was a great time and a big honor!

2nd Video – Video project my fellow students and I did while in school, based on Star Wars universe. Strictly for fun, but also for practice in acting and editing, as we are all fans of the franchise. Although we did not have time to finish the project completely, I have plans for using Adobe After Effects for adding music, sound and visual effects. Jeremy Samiec directed and shot the film, Phil Pecoraro starred as Jedi Master Tek-Phin, and did the costume ideas. I starred as Darth Malice and choreographed the fight scenes along with Jeremy.

The submission video was for Master Replicas, who hosted the Jedi Trials. The Duel was done by us, for us and our friends

Submission video for performance in C-IV Jedi Trials, Movie short